High Quality Microfiber chenille Anti-Slip Floor Mats -Keset Lantai micro fiber

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Keset Cendol / Microfiber HIgH QUALITY -- ada harga ada barang ya -- Bulu lebih tebal dari pada lainnya Highlights: Ultra soft and washable by hand Dry fast after absorb water Excellent absorbent for water and dust Natural latex non-slip bottom Breathable Not moldy Non-stick surface Anti-slip Prevent children from slipping due to wet feet Dimension: 40 x 60cm Cleaning Tips: Wash in 30-degree temperature water with neutral detergent by hand Do not rub hard Gently shake the suede till it fluffy No bleaching and ironing Colour: red,pink, orange, chocolate,purple, grey, marron, green, rose beige,bisque, snow cyan (see the colour picture) 1 layer of 5mm-tickness sponge, 1 layer of latex rubber warna yang ready : (gambar foto terakhir) 1. marron 2. merah cabe 3. coklat tua 4. hijau tosca / turquoise 5. hijau tua 6. coklat moka muda/ rose beige 7. coklat moka tua / coklat 8. abu 9. pink 10. biru bca #keset Cendol